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Oxygen Shortage is the first video from the new EP Mtn.


Mtn. Releases June 21, 2019

Here the first single Oxygen Shortage on Spotify.


You can also hear the full EP on the indie platform Bandcamp before it hits all other major streaming services.

No matter what the plan, the mountain will always have the last word. Never conquered is the mountain without moments of grace. No one achieves the summit unless the opportunity presents a clear path.

With lofty ambitions, I explored how to evolve my brand of indie, experimental hybrid folk and move towards a new sound capable of crossing and blending more music genres.

I thought I would ascend higher on this project and write a full album of material but conditions proved unfavorable, and spring arrived early. The snow warmed and made the ice unstable. Climbing this mountain was a great adventure that pushed me into a new territory of sound capable of influencing the evolution of my work. I will take the lessons learned back into the valley and move forward, ever changed by the mountain.

May 29, 2019