Over 900,000 Spotify streams for song Nez Perce


Top 25 Streaming Cities for Spring 2019

  1. Sao Paulo - Brazil

  2. London - England

  3. Toronto - Canada

  4. Paris - France

  5. Berlin - Germany

  6. Madrid - Spain

  7. Montreal - Canada

  8. Chicago - USA

  9. Istanbul - Turkey

  10. Seattle - USA

  11. Warsaw - Poland

  12. New York City - USA

  13. Los Angeles - USA

  14. Singapore - Singapore

  15. Amsterdam - Netherlands

  16. Curitiba - Brazil

  17. Portland - USA

  18. Mexico City - Mexico

  19. Copenhagen - Denmark

  20. Munich - Germany

  21. Hamburg - Germany

  22. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  23. Lisbon - Portugal

  24. Perth - Australia

  25. Sydney - Australia

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BIGBEE OF THE WHITETREE started in my bedroom as a lofi left of center experimental folk project. The song NEZ PERCE on my debut release quickly got picked up on a Spotify editorial playlist and just passed 900k streams. As I complete my third album I continue to push the boundaries and explore new genres. As the music evolves and embraces change one thing remains true; I’m forever inspired by nature and the haunting romantic qualities of the wilderness.

I wrote a lot on an acoustic guitar for my first two albums but my third album MTN is a shift towards other instrumentations. Expanding my songwriting techniques I allow new approaches and sounds to influence the creative process as I search for new sonic frontiers.

May 29, 2019

Orcas Island, Washington


Fans on Bandcamp -

You are bringing such honest and beautiful music to the world. It resonates deeply for me.
Really love your music! The fragility, strength and tenderness and pain in it.
I have never felt so much beauty.
All the right ingredients
They are exquisitely personal, uniquely ineffable and yet ever so pleasantly strange & surprising sonic journeys.
Your music has entered my bloodstream. The thread is holding me.

Feet on the road, stars above, hands touching time moving in all directions.

For all inquiries contact:

bigbeeofthewt [at] gmail.com

MTN - EP Album cover June 21, 2019

MTN - EP Album cover June 21, 2019

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HEAL - Album Cover July 14, 2017

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NORTH AMERICAN NOMAD - Album Cover May 24, 2016